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Speaker:   Various
Topic:   David Brawn - volunteering Thelma Raman - COP28
Description:   ESRAG challenge to gain more support for Environment Sustainability within Rotary
As ESRAG only has direct contact with 1% of Rotary’s membership Yasar outlined how
ESRAG has been working with Rotary International leadership with the objective to reach
more Rotarians. ESRAG believe Rotary International should take more leadership in the
challenges associated with Climate Change.
We need to achieve a broader recognition of the seriousness of Climate Change, its effect
on the environment, and the impact on many of Rotary International objectives.
Yasar wants Rotary to provide global leadership to reduce climate change and its impact.
ESRAG have set-up a task force to prepare a Climate Road Map for Rotary; a Climate
Policy and has suggested emission targets for Rotary International. ESRAG and Rotary
International leaders participated in the recent COP28.
Date/Time:   Tuesday Feb-20-2024 from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM