Global Grants Workshop 1-ESRAG Projects Division ID=8062 (4)

Speaker:   Nilam Bedi, May O'Brien, Christopher Puttock, Salvador Rico, Mina Venkatamaran
Topic:   The goal of this Global Grant Workshop is to guide prospective applicants through the steps from the initial idea of a project to being awarded a Global Grant for Environment Area of Focus.
Description:   The intended participants should be with some experience with District Grants with the potential of undertaking a Global Grant as the Host Club, or any potential International Partners looking to understand the requirements of a Host Club in a Foreign Country.
We have Club Registration (3 members) and individual member registration.

Therefore, who can attend? - Any Rotarian who is:
  1.  Or club (3 members) Ready with a global grant proposal
  2. (or Club) Having a bare bone structure for a global grant project
  3. (or Club) Want to understand the process
You will receive a:
  1. Step by step process checklist
  2. Timeline for grant process
  3. Understanding the Community Assessment process
  4. Techniques that address sustainability, monitoring, and evaluation guidelines
  5. Ways to find partners and funding

Our Tentative Agenda is:
1. Introduction to Global Grants
2. Checklist for Club and District
3. What falls under GG in Environment AoF (and out)
4. Community Assessment (breakout session)
5. Aligning your Scope
6. Creating your Timeline
7. Funding your Budget
8. Collecting your data for Sustainability
9. Submitting your application
10. Gathering your Authorizations

We are collecting a minimum donation of $50 per club for this workshop. This donation will be used to fund small environmental projects done by clubs around the world when they report to ESRAGs project database.( 
Organizer: Dr Meenakshi Venkataraman (
Director of Projects Division 2022-2024
Date/Time:   Saturday Aug-20-2022 from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM