Water, from Source to Sea: Zones 26/27 Environmental Summit ID=8070 (4)

Speaker:   Paul Watson, Steve Bender, Lori Cloutier, Salvador Rico, John Mathers
Topic:   Learn about the crucial link between water and planetary health, and how we each can become an ambassador for clean and healthy water.

This conference s part of Rotary Zones 26/27 2022 People of Action Summit series. The keynote speaker is Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which frequently undertook dangerous expeditions to protect marine wildlife from illegal poaching. ESRAG members Steve Bender (President of Host Club Newport Beach), Salvador Rico (river projects), Lori Cloutier (plastic solutions), and John Mathers (RCAT) are among the speakers reporting on high-impact water projects and effective advocacy. This is your chance to learn about Rotary Reefs, which won a top prize in last year’s I Fix the Planet video contest! If you attend in person, stay through Sunday to enjoy fantastic field trips. For details on speakers and the agenda, click here.  For registration, click here.

Date/Time:   Saturday Sep-10-2022  to  Sunday Sep-11-2022 from 4:30 PM - 12:30 AM