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Speaker:   Ralph Rosemans and Steve Andrews
Topic:   "Update on conservation in the Cape Floral Kingdom" and "A Naturalist's life and his new book entitled, "The Magic of Butterflies and Moths""

The Cape Floral Kingdom (S. Africa) is by far both the smallest in area and the richest of the World’s six floral kingdoms, but it is also the most threatened due to the infestation of invasive alien plants (IAPs). The Sugarbird Trust, founded by concerned individuals, is working with SANParks (South African National Parks) in eradicating the alien plants.  There are significant costs involved and the Waterfront Rotary Club is making this their key biodiversity environmental project.

Steve Andrews has always had a love of nature and learning and he will discuss how this life-long learning assists him in his writing. He knows that butterfly and moth species are in decline around the world and that they need our help.  He will be sharing a couple of copies of his book entitled, The Magic of Butterflies and Moths, with a Rotary group to exemplify that help.


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Date/Time:   Wednesday Feb-08-2023 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM