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Speaker:   Gertrude Noden
Topic:   The Problem with Plastics: From Plastics to Playground

Topic and Bio:
Guest speaker Gertrude Noden, Founder of Words Into Deeds, Inc. will present overviews of Global Citizenship for the 21st Century projects designed and implemented by youth. Projects including those implemented at the Upper Nile Institute for Advanced Technology Primary School in Gulu, Uganda will exemplify how teaching young people the 17 Sustainable Development Goals easily leads to meaningful and impactful opportunities for young people to address pressing issues in our world. The 2023 Problem of Plastics: From Plastics to Playground project will be shared in part by youth leaders in partnership with a community environmental advocate from TakaTaka Plastics. Gertrude brings over two decades as classroom teacher and outreach program developer, wherein she nurtures students and educators to become world citizens through her innovative Human Rights Curriculum. She prepares students to participate in action oriented leadership and global citizenship programs working towards achievement of the International Sustainable Development Goals for peace and security.


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Date/Time:   Wednesday Feb-15-2023 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM