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Speaker:   Fiona Thompson
Topic:   trends in sustainable packaging, plus new regulations for UK and Europe

Join Speak up for Our Planet’s online discussion with Fiona Thompson, senior sustainability expert with the environmental and engineering consultancy Ricardo. Fiona will update you on trends in making packaging more sustainable, sharing examples from the beauty, food, and drink sector.  She’ll discuss the importance of Life Cycle Assessment in deciding how to change packaging materials and formats, and provide an overview of packaging and labelling regulations going into effect in the UK and Europe under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). You can join the live talk directly from this link. The program is an hour long including discussion. It will be recorded, then uploaded to YouTube, where you can find it within a few days using the “Join Now” button the link above. Speak up for our Planet was founded by Rotarian Jane Penson, MA, MBA to host free online talks “to inspire individuals to take action and collaborate to combat the seemingly ever-growing list of challenges that we face in order to protect our planet.”

Date/Time:   Wednesday Mar-29-2023 from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM