ESRAG Project Seminar LIVE: Sustainable RICON 2023 ID=8776 (4)

Speaker:   Fabienne Nichola/Deniz Vural
Topic:   See how our RICON 2023 is practicing sustainability!

Storyline: RICON 2023 (Rotary International Convention) will be a sustainable convention. Learn about all the amazing sustainable initiatives, tours, a summit, social events and RAGTime. Come and meet other passionate ESRAG members and have fun in this wonderful city. As one of the emerging topics on Rotary International’s agenda, environmental issues not only are affected by our daily means of activities but also shape the ecosystems we are part of in the long-term run. As ESRAG RICON Working Group, we are refining a set of guidelines to help everybody easily attend Rotary meetings, including the regional conferences, as well as the international convention (RICON) as sustainably green as possible. 

Bios: Fabienne Nichola works the Vice-Chair of Administration for the Executive Team at ESRAG and is a member of the Rotary Club of Camberwell, Victoria D9800.
Deniz Vural is a PhD student, focusing on the dynamics affecting Arctic coastal erosion at Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany. Although she holds a Marine Engineer certificate, her concerns about climate led her to switch the focal point toward Geosciences and then permafrost research. Deniz has been involved in numerous education and outreach activities on climate change and polar regions. She is part of the Rotary family for over 14 years, led many activities, including environmental sustainability- centered, and is having her 2nd year on ESRAG Board. 

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Date/Time:   Wednesday Apr-05-2023 from 2:00 AM - 3:30 PM