Building for Tomorrow: The Final Forum of Climate and Peace ID=8971 (4)

Speaker:   Anna Rose, Tim Washington, and Dr Sophie Scamps, MP
Topic:   Collaborating Across Generations: the next wave of climate activism and opportunity.

Celebrate World Environment Day with the finale of the Climate and Peace Forum, the Australian webinar series which has inspired Rotarians around the world with quarterly talks
by innovators in environmental science, green technology, business, agriculture, finance, law, and public policy. 

The final event of this three-year series is Building for Tomorrow – Collaborating Across the Generations.
Register for this free webinar here. The forum will be
presented live at 6:00 pm AEST (8 am UTC), and the
recording will be posted on the website within two weeks.

The speakers are

  • Author and activist Anna Rose, CEO of Environmental Leadership Australia
  • Tim Washington, CEO and co-founder of JET Charge, Australia’s largest EV charging technology firm, and
  • Dr Sophie Scamps, MP, Independent Member for the Federal Electorate of Mackellar, who won election in 2022 on a platform of climate action, integrity, and equality

Each speaker will give a 15-minute talk followed by questions and answers.  Email yours in advance or post online during
the forum.

Date/Time:   Tuesday Jun-06-2023 from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM